Open OnDemand QuickLook

Brief Look at Open OnDemand

Open OnDemand (OOD) provides a web based UI for HPC systems. I makes access and interactive computing easier for those who prefer not to use the command line.

To give an idea of the power of OOD we will give you a brief overview.

Accessing OOD

OOD Interface

The menu options are self explainatory and provide useful easy to use tools.

Interactive Apps

To Launch a JupyterHub session you can select Interactive Apps -> Jupyter
Choose the options you require for the interactive session and select launch**
OOD will launch a job and configured for Jupyter
Once the job is running you can connect to it
You can now get working with Jupyter and all of your notebooks are saved in your home directory

Cluster Shell Access

A web based shell provides easy command line access
The Terminal