Using CCQ Stat

CCQ Status

ccqstat will diplay the status of all of the jobs in the queue. It will give you a snapshot of the status at that momnent in time. You can run the watch command with ccqstat an the time interval to keep it open and updated through each phase of the job submission and run process.

watch ccqstat

(default interval for watch is 2 seconds) Run watch -h, - -help for more options

usage: ccqstat [-h] [-V] [-i CCACCESSKEY] [-j JOBID] [-v] [-s SCHEDULERNAME] [-cl <days_for_login_cert_to_be_valid_for>] [-pe] [-pd] [-pi] [-ru REMOTEUSERNAME] [-ji] [-po] [-ps] [-pt] [-ph] [-pc] [-ir]

A utility that gives you the status of all the jobs that have been submitted to ccq.

ccqstat status